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Have all your emulators in only one application! GameEx is a fabulous program which integrates different emulators in just one interface, a Media Center which will be really useful for game lovers.

From the interface of GameEx you'll be able to download and install automatically all the emulators you can find over internet. They'll be installed in a folder called 'Emulators' in your HD.

The huge list of emulators included in GameEx includes MAME, ZNES, Visual Boy Advance,, Stella, pSX, Project64, Neo RAGEx, Model 2, Gens, Handy, Fusion, DOSBox, DeSmuME, Chankast... so you'll be able to play games of PSX, Nintendo DS, Neo Geo or DreamCast with no problem.

Finally, GameEx also supports skins so you can customize it.
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